Links to Gloria’s Online Poems

In addition to numerous print journals, Gloria’s poems have appeared in the following online journals.  Please browse the links and visit other work on these wonderful sites.

Acts of ContritionSWWIM Every Day

Midnight Flight Claudius Speaks

Sailing Southword

“Hiking Koko” and “Let Morning Come”The Healing Muse

Rorschach #5Gyroscope (Click on Summer 2016 issue, page 5.)

Sunrise on a Back Porch in Pennsylvania – Damselfly Press

What the Gratitude List Said to the Bucket List – Mason’s Road

Glinda’s Dilemma – Parody

The Green Room – Parody

The Girls of Paris – The Columbia Review

Dear Mary Oliver  – The Wayfarer

Snowy Egret – Avery Island, Louisiana – Grey Sparrow Journal